How to contribute

The majority of the BI-Beacon solution is supplied as open source; see the repositories table on what is and what is not open.

Code quality

We use Sonar Cloud to analyse the source code for code smells, bugs, security issues and so on. Any pull requests fixing any such issue is very welcome, and a good easy way to start contributing to the repositories.

Documentation build pipeline

This documentation is generated by sphinx through a series of build steps.

This is the order of dependence.

digraph docs_build_pipeline {

    client_examples [ label="client-examples" ]
    build_artifacts [ label="build-artifacts" ]
    docs            [ label="docs"]
    readthedocs     [ label="ReadTheDocs" ]

    client_examples -> docs
    docs -> build_artifacts
    build_artifacts -> readthedocs


What Open source? Comment Link
Docs Yes The REST protocol to control Beacons (and everything surrounding it) Documentation repository
CLI Yes Command line utilities Command Line Utilities repository
Examples Yes Client code examples (many languages) Client examples repository
Server Yes BI-Beacon state server Server repository
Artifacts Yes (read only) Automatically generated content from the other repositories Build Artifacts repository
Firmware No The software running on physical BI-Beacons