BI-Beacon Overview

This is the official documentation for Business Intelligence Beacon. The primary focus of this documentation is the API to control Beacons, however it also includes information on how to configure devices, and some code examples for how to control Beacons from several different languages.


Read more about the ideas behind BI-Beacon, and order a Beacon for your company here:

In a nutshell: BI-Beacons use a RESTful API.

There is only one end-point: /<channelkey>.

This endpoint serves as the controlling mechanism for channel with ID channelkey.

Here is an example of a complete endpoint:


channel key used to be called systemid, so if you see the old name somewhere - please give us a shout and we’ll fix it! Or even better, fork the docs repo, fix the mistake and make a pull request! :)

Repo found on GitHub here Documentation repository.

Multiple beacons can be configured to copy the state of the same channel - this is intentional and means you can deploy several Beacons that indicate the same thing.

This functionality may, for instance, be used if you have multiple offices, or if you want a Beacon both in the conference room and at the coffee machine.